EU-based Experienced Blockchain API Provider

Vulcan Link

Create smart contracts using Ethereum.
Connect smart contracts with off-chain data with Chainlink.
Scale smart contracts with Matic and BSC.


Chainlink Data Provider

Vulcan Link connects your smart contracts with real-world off-chain data. Our decentralized oracle feeds will enable you to augment your smart contract's capabilities. Integrate your smart contracts with secure and reliable off-chain data such as crypto prices, health metrics, and custom api requests.


We offer blockchain consulting services specializing in rapid integration of real-world data feeds into smart contracts. We can help you develop custom decentralized oracle data feeds that aggregate outputs of independent node operators. Contact us for consulting on smart contracts, Chainlink, and development of custom adapters and feeds.

Blockchain APIs - Coming Soon

Vulcan Link provide free public, instant API access to various blockchain platforms. Our API endpoints support HTTP and Websocket requests. Contact us if you're interested in getting a premium API key. Coming soon, support for Ethereum, RSK, Elastos, Matic, Binance Smart Chain, Graph Protocol, IPFS APIs.