How It Works

Blockchain oracles work by writing real-world or  off-chain data to smart contracts
This enables DeFi, Dynamic NFTs and new blockchain use-cases
Vulcan Link works with multiple data providers to ensure the data is trustworthy and reliable

Technology Provider

Web3 Infrastructure & Chainlink Data Provider
Vulcan Link specializes in working with new industries to incorporate blockchain technology by connecting new types of real-world data.
We integrate with over 12+ blockchains, and are always adding more.
Need a new Chainlink oracle feed on a blockchain for your dApp?
Or have an idea?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chainlink?
Chainlink is a blockchain oracle network that is operated by decentralized node operators, such as Vulcan Link,
which provide crucial real-world data, such as crypto prices, random numbers, market data, and more.
What is a Chainlink node operator?
Chainlink node operators such as Vulcan Link deploy the Chainlink software on their own Web3 infrastructure
in order to provide the data feeds and API data required by data consumers.
How do I make a Chainlink data request?
Chainlink's oracle smart contracts are on the blockchain, in order to make a data request you must
interact with the smart contracts - read the docs at Chainlink for more information -
Do you have a token?
No, Vulcan Link only operates Chainlink data oracles, which use the LINK token in the smart contracts to
facilitate the payment for data.
Can I stake my LINK tokens with Vulcan Link?
Yes, however staking is not released until at least December 2022, contact us to join our waiting list.