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Bridging the Gap Between Real World Data and Blockchains

Our decentralized oracle feeds provide secure and reliable off-chain data such as crypto prices, health metrics, and custom API requests.
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Over 12+ Blockchains and Growing

Join and Participate in Chainlink Staking

As one of the Top 25 Official Chainlink oracle operators,
Vulcan Link is excited to announce its new staking collaboration opportunities. Sign up now for our waitlist to be the first to hear about our new staking features.

Connect Real World Data with NFTs

Owl Protocol Leverages Our Web3 Infrastructure for Dynamic NFTs
Create NFTs that change due to weather, market indexes, health data,
environmental data, and more.
Proof of Location - add in location data to NFTs to allow brands to drive traffic to physical stores, or have NFTs react to being in a certain place.
Vulcan Link’s partnerships with numerous NFT projects means we’re at the cutting edge of enabling new Chainlink oracle data feeds to advanced the Dynamic NFT industry.

Strategically Located in the MENA Region

Vulcan Link is based in Dubai Internet City, and one of the newest members of the In5 Tech incubation hub.

We are building out and supporting web3 projects with advanced infrastructure and data services in the growing Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

News & Recognition

Oct 24, 2022
Vulcan Link — the Newest Member of In5 Tech Incubator in Dubai Internet City
Jan 22, 2021
Chainlink to be Integrated into SKALE to Provide a Wide Range of Oracle Solutions
Jan 22, 2021
Vulcan Link Receives a Grant to Integrate Chainlink on SKALE Network

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chainlink?
Chainlink is a blockchain oracle network that is operated by decentralized node operators, such as Vulcan Link,
which provide crucial real-world data, such as crypto prices, random numbers, market data, and more.
What is a Chainlink node operator?
Chainlink node operators such as Vulcan Link deploy the Chainlink software on their own Web3 infrastructure
in order to provide the data feeds and API data required by data consumers.
How do I make a Chainlink data request?
Chainlink's oracle smart contracts are on the blockchain, in order to make a data request you must
interact with the smart contracts - read the docs at Chainlink for more information - https://docs.chain.link.
Do you have a token?
No, Vulcan Link only operates Chainlink data oracles, which use the LINK token in the smart contracts to
facilitate the payment for data.
Can I stake my LINK tokens with Vulcan Link?
Yes, however staking is not released until at least December 2022, contact us to join our waiting list.